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Have you thought about pre planning your final arrangements?  Is your monument part of that plan?  

There are several reasons why your monument should be part

of your pre planning process.

1 - Your Family Will Know Your Wishes - By pre planning and including your memorial in that plan, your loved ones won't have to guess what you may have wanted. Instead, they will know you were remembered as you wanted to be. You will be involved in the monument design process, choosing your own shape, granite color, inscription and artwork. 


2 - Peace of Mind - Making a memorial purchase ahead of time can greatly ease the financial burden a family may have by allowing them the ability to use any monies set aside for final arrangements, rather than worrying about purchasing a monument. 

3 - Joint Decision -  A couple’s memorial should be a joint decision. You’ve shared your lives together. You’ve made important decisions together. Since a memorial is the most enduring item you will ever purchase, it should be a joint decision too. We can work with you to personalize your family monument so that it tells a story in stone – one that reflects your life, your interests, your beliefs and your accomplishments.

There is no greater gift to a family than to pre-plan.  However you look at it, planning ahead makes good sense.                                           

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